Get a better divorce plan.

Plan your divorce strategically and make the process less costly and confusing - whether you are in the initial stage of contemplating separation or in the middle of Court proceedings.

Contact us to book a meeting & review the crucial steps you should implement before and during separation.

Review crucial steps prior to separation

Checklists and divorce plan worksheets

Assistance for financial & fiscal planning

Custody & access rights arrangements

Liaison for essential experts

Access to network-verified resources

Key planning to reduce your costs

Coaching services for Court testimonies

Support for all stages, pre & post-divorce

Additional services to ease the transitions




Worry-free joint divorces.

There are a number of quick and econimcal options for couples who can collaborate and want to file a joint (uncontested) divorce:


Do-it-Yourself kits: templates in Microsoft Word and PDF format for spouses who need just a little guidance to prepare their own divorce application;


Drafting-only service: lawyers will generate your divorce documents and send them to you electronically by e-mail; you file directly at Court to save costs;


Full-service packages: for clients who want a legal team to take care of it all; all you need to do is to provide the required documents and book a time to sign.

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Support for contested divorces.

Knowledge is power. Get an advantage by obtaining the essential information - and support - you need to make the best decision. Making the best decision implies that you:

Know your goals

Fully understand your options

Weigh your solutions


We can help you allieve the emotional weight that oftens comes with a separation or divorce, in order to properly concentrate on the desired outcome - both short-term and long-term.


Separation and divorce are difficult steps in a person's life. And we are there to help you.

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Determining custody / access rights & child support.

A separation inevitably leads to the need to determine custody, access rights and support payments. These decisions can be requested jointly , through regular Court proceedings if no agreement can be reached.

The child's interests should always come first. This means the Court will examine what is in the child's best interest - and not necessarily make a decision based on one of the parents' preferences.

The amount of child support payable is determined, in part, by the Child Support Guidelines established by the federal and provincial government. If both parents live in the province of Quebec, provincial guidelines are used. Otherwise, the federal guidelines are used.

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Suggested reading for divorce

Suggested reading

Going through the process or helping a friend or loved one get divorced? Check out our recommended reading list on various subjects ranging from planning a "smarter" divorce to dealing with a "jerk" for joint custody.


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